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  • how much do auctioneers make

How much do auctioneers make per sale?

In the world of real estate, property auctioneering offers one of the most profitable careers, working directly with high-value properties Read more

  • can i work independently as a real estate agent

Can I work independently as a real estate agent?

Let’s get the main question out of the way — yes, real estate agents can work independently. That being said, Read more

  • how to get a job at a real estate agency

How to stand out and get a job at a real estate agency

So, you want to get a job at a real estate agency? You’re not alone. According to the Real Estate Read more

  • full real estate licence bdm

Why you should get a full real estate licence as a BDM

As a business development manager (BDM) in property management, in the ever-shifting property market, it’s not enough to stay at Read more

  • how does a real estate agency make money

How do real estate agencies make money?

Real estate agencies are one of the most prevalent types of businesses in Australia — as of 2022, there were Read more

  • how to improve cold calling

How to get better at cold calling in real estate

Cold calling is a time-tested sales strategy that dates back as far the late 1800s. While the products and services Read more

  • how do I start a career in real estate

How do I start a career in real estate in Australia?

Looking to start a career in real estate? Real estate is not the simplest industry to enter into. It’s an Read more

  • how to get clients as a new real estate agent

How to get clients as a new real estate agent

One of the biggest problems faced by real estate agents is client acquisition — and this is even more daunting Read more

  • Benefits of studying online

The benefits of studying online in Australia

Studying online has fast become one of the most popular ways to upskill yourself or gain new accreditations. Gone are Read more

  • How to start your own mortgage brokerage

How to start your own mortgage brokerage in Australia

Find out what it takes to start your own mortgage brokerage in Australia and navigate the complex landscape of Read more

  • Rent bidding NSW

Rent bidding in NSW – why agents must protect renters

Rent bidding has been an increasingly pervasive phenomenon in Sydney’s increasingly competitive rental market.  As the state’s housing shortage woes Read more

  • Why real estate agents need a CRM

Why real estate agents need customer relationship management (CRM)

When it comes down to managing time and juggling multiple tasks, real estate professionals have their back up against the Read more

  • What exactly is real estate CPD

NSW real estate CPD requirements guide 2024

Updated on May 16th, 2024.Learn about the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training requirements in New South Wales (NSW) for real Read more

  • commercial real estate vs residential real estate agent

Commercial vs. residential real estate careers: a guide

When it comes to real estate agents in Australia, there are two very different career pathways that aspiring agents have Read more

7 essential real estate marketing strategies for 2024

Having the right mix of marketing strategies for your real estate business makes a huge difference in the number of Read more

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