Watch or read below the interview with Sam Maley, a real estate agent from Buxton Bentleigh. Sam joined Buxton Bentleigh at just 19, alongside acclaimed estate agent, Chris Hassall, Sam’s experience from an invaluable apprenticeship has since seen him become a highly regarded mentor to fellow colleagues. His commitment to property really brings out his competitive edge. From repeat business to record sales, Sam’s genuine care and concern for his clients stems far beyond the final contract, having a reputation that rests chiefly on being the areas attraction agent.

Video Transcript

Cale Morton: Alight. Welcome Sam Maley. Thanks for joining me.

Sam Maley: Thanks, mate, thanks for having me.

Cale Morton: You’ve had a big day today. You’ve been on the chat with Tom Panos. Now myself. You’ve really sort of connected with a lot of real estate industry experts today.

Sam Maley: Yeah, mate big day for Sam Maley and Buxton Bentleigh

Cale Morton: How are you going? With lock down & yourself personally. How are you sort of managing to keep things ticking over?

Sam Maley: Yeah, mate I think it’s all about balance at the moment. You know, just keeping contact and making sure your vendors are ok, nurturing the process, but also keeping in contact with others that you have dealt with in the past. So mate not much changes. You’ve just got to have a bit of structure to your week and keep boxing on.

Cale Morton: Mate, you are one of the best that does it in the market. Now just tell us a little bit, you started in the industry at 19, and by 24 you became a director, and I believe you were the youngest director in the Buxton network. So how did you do that in such a short period of time at a young age?

Sam Maley: Well, mate I was lucky to work alongside Chris Hassall, and, he was a mentor of mine along with Craig Williamson. And, yeah, I think like anything in life, as you would know, playing footy, you know, that that the first day of training you’ve got to make every post a winner. And that was essentially what I built my business on mate. That.. really making every post a winner.

Cale Morton: That’s a good one. And from all reports, you were a good young footballer. Are you a little bit bitter about not making the AFL?

Sam Maley: Who put you up to that one? No mate, I played a bit of footy at school, Sandy (TAC Cup) and yeah, I had a few stress fractures in my back which didn’t help, but I, it wasn’t cut out for it.

Cale Morton: So, you’re part of one of the best agency networks here in Victoria, I mean, your office itself was the number one agency on Rate My Agent two years 2019 and 2020. Is it because in those years, you’ve become director and turn the place around, or, what do you put the success of the office down to?

Sam Maley: Mate culture. It’s pretty simple. I mean much like you guys in your office, you know, the culture is really strong, and I find that, that’s what it comes down to – culture. A lot of hard work, a lot of training and, sharpening my axe all the time.

Cale Morton: Right. Brilliant. And look, you did the course with us. It was a couple of years ago and we’ve maintained a really good relationship since. First, going back, why did you do the course?

Sam Maley: I did the course; one because I wanted to become a Director and that was what we needed to do, but I think why we chose you (or why I chose you) was mate you’re very persistent, which is number one. But a number two, mate, you’re likable, you cal a spade a spade, there’s no fluff with It at all. It was very simple process. That’s really condensed and made easy for people, and busy people like us.

Cale Morton: And look, on the back of working with yourself and your colleague Ivan Blow. We’ve now worked with over 20 Buxton agents and some of them, I have great confidence with passing on your name ,and they’ll give you a call. I mean, I don’t know this, but it sounds like you’re passing on the good word for us, which we really appreciate it. So mate, just quickly to end, what is some advice that you would give young agents getting into the industry, to fast track their career in a way like you did.

Sam Maley: Yeah, just get out there. Be a person before an agent. I think I always say that. And, it’s funny, people see through things. So I think what I would recommend is just getting out there, being yourself, being hungry, motivated, make every post a winner. And just create some really, really good long lasting relationships. That’s going to then create that repeat and referral business.

Cale Morton: Perfect. Well look, Sam, I’ll wrap it up there. Mate, you’re one of my favourite agents to that I’ve worked with and I look forward to having a beer with you soon. All the best.

Sam Maley: Sounds good, mate. Thanks for having us.

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