Have you ever asked yourself how to become a real estate agent in Australia? If the answer is yes, the first step is choosing the course of study that will qualify you for a real estate licence.

All Australian state and territory governments impose strict educational requirements on professionals who work in the real estate industry. The minimum standard required to qualify as a real estate agent is the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419). Completing this course will qualify you to apply for a real estate licence in the state or territory of your choice, wherever you want to work. Entry Education’s real estate agent training online will teach you the skills you need to access the path to success in the property industry.

Understand the exam (assessment) format

Entry Education Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419) course consists of 18 study units. That may sound like a lot, but most of our students complete it within a matter of weeks. Entry Education is also authorised to recognise prior learning (RPL) if you can document past personal experience that is relevant to the course.

Most Entry Education students study online for their Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419). But for those who prefer a more personal style of instruction we also offer options for classes delivered via video-conferencing on specific dates throughout the year. But regardless of whether you study online or through video conferencing classes, our real estate courses are always self-paced. This means you can shape your study schedule around work or family commitments without due dates or immediate deadline pressure.

The study units that make up this course cover all the topics you’ll need to know as you learn how to become a real estate agent in Australia. Each subject that you study is designed to lay a foundation of knowledge for your next unit of study. This is why Entry Education’s Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice begins with units covering the basics of real estate – legislation, ethics, marketing and trust accounts. It then moves onto sales-related subjects that range from appraising properties through to interacting with buyers, and closing and finalising the sale. After this you’ll study property management and your course will conclude with three units covering auctions and property portfolio management.

When it comes to exam time (at Entry Education we call them assessments) you’ll mostly find them in multiple-choice and short answer format. Some questions will also require students to draft client emails, create marketing brochures and complete agency forms and documents.

Our study units are designed to help students learn the basic information that gives them the foundation to address more complex questions that come later. So the first section of an assessment may be multiple choice and short answer, asking for definitions of certain terms. This information provides you with the understanding you need to continue through the assessment, as questions get more in-depth as you progress through them.

Stressed about exams? We’re here to support you

Do you get stressed about exams? There’s no need at Entry Education. As an Entry Education student, you’ll have ongoing unlimited support throughout your course. Our assessments have no time limits for completion, which means students can work through the questions at their own pace.

Our cutting-edge online student portal includes a direct message system that will enable you to seek support whenever you need it – including weekends and evening hours. This unique interactive platform will help you to stay on top of your coursework throughout your entire learning journey. Preparation for your assessment and completion of our program will enable you to launch your career in the dynamic and exciting real estate industry.

real estate course assestments

What happens after?

Entry Education is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 41529), which means we’re recognised by the Commonwealth Government. For this reason, the certificates, statements of attainment and transcripts of results that we issue to our graduates are recognised by all state and territory governments throughout Australia.

Entry Education graduates receive soft copies (PDFs) of their certificate within 48 hours of successfully completing their course. Hard copy certificates can be printed and posted to you for an additional fee.

Once you’ve received your certificate or statement of attainment, you can then apply for a licence as a real estate agent from the issuing government agency in the state or territory where you want to work. Bear in mind that the process of registration and licensing can take several weeks.

Getting a foot in the door for that first job

And don’t forget that Entry is not just a real estate academy. As Australia’s leading boutique real estate human resources company, Entry Recruitment specialises in matching the right real estate talent with the right real estate agency jobs.

By combining real estate training with real estate recruitment, we have both ends of the property industry covered. And that means some Entry Education graduates enjoy a seamless transition from their real estate agent training online into a job in the property industry.

Back to basics

But before you begin arranging the desktop at your new place of employment, you’ll have to study how to become a real estate agent in Australia. And, in turn, that requires first completing Entry Education’s Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419) course.

Entry Education’s real estate courses can be a great investment in your future. The property industry throughout Australia is stable and growing, and now’s the perfect time to take your first step down the path towards a prosperous and fulfilling career.

At Entry Education, we measure our success against the benchmark of your success as our student. We’ve designed our entire real estate academy around supporting you through every step of our course. Late nights? Weekends? No problem. We’re always available and ready to help.

What are you waiting for? How to become a real estate agent in Australia isn’t just a dream. Contact Entry Education now.

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