Looking to start a career in SA’s real estate industry but unsure where or how to get the training you need? That’s where an SA real estate traineeship can help — it provides the perfect combination of on-the-job training and practical experience to kickstart your career.

We asked Matt, our CEO at Entry Education, for his expert insights on real estate and mortgage broking traineeships in SA — for both trainees and businesses. With over 25 years in vocational education and experience working with industry giants like Toll, WesTrac, Visy, David Jones, and Super Retail Group, Matt has a deep understanding of the ins and outs of setting up and executing successful traineeship programs.

What are real estate traineeships?

Traineeships are structured programs that enable individuals to get both on-the-job learning and formal training by a registered training organisation.

Matt shared that learning on the job through a real estate or mortgage broking traineeship is one of the best ways to get targeted training and preparation for a future career in real estate or mortgage broking. To add to the attractiveness of these programs, the South Australian Government provides subsidies for certain courses to help students and businesses access high-quality training.

Entry Education offers three courses via a traineeship pathway in SA:

What you need to know when applying for a traineeship in SA

What real estate and mortgage broking traineeships in SA offer

For individuals who are new to the competitive real estate and mortgage broking industry in SA, a traineeship offers the most effective way to quickly pick up the necessary qualifications and skills to build a successful career. Traineeships enable students ample opportunities to practice what they’ve learnt in a real-world environment, traineeships help to fast-track learning and provide valuable working experience.

The subsidies provided by the South Australian Government also make real estate and mortgage broking traineeships an affordable and accessible way to get started with a career in either real estate or mortgage broking — individuals can study industry and legislative required courses at a greatly reduced cost.

Real estate traineeship in SA eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible to enrol in a government-funded real estate traineeship or mortgage broking traineeship, applicants must be:

  • Employed or about to be employed in the relevant industry to their study.
  • Employed in their current job for less than three months full-time or 12 months part-time.
  • New applicants who have not previously completed the qualification.
  • An Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen who has been in Australia for 6 months or more.

In addition to the above criteria, applicants can only apply through a Registered Training Organisation, such as Entry Education. This is a requirement for all coursework for real estate traineeships in SA.

real estate traineeships SA

Traineeship support

A real estate or mortgage broking traineeship will provide close guidance and support for trainees. At Entry Education, we provide all trainees with our highest level of support and service.

For example, trainees enrolled with Entry Education are provided with the contact details for senior trainers in the business, allowing them to access personalised guidance and assistance when they need it.

Our trainers take great pride in investing their time and energy in students and are genuinely involved in helping them develop skills for a successful career in future. Even after traineeships have been completed, our trainers tend to maintain relationships with past students to provide them with industry or career advice.

What do the opportunities for real estate and mortgage broking trainees in SA look like?

According to Matt, there is a rising demand in the industry for entry-level real estate and mortgage-broking employees within South Australia. Entry Education has strong partnerships with the leading players in real estate and mortgage broking and has consistently referred prospective students to these companies for traineeships and entry-level roles.

Useful information for businesses regarding traineeships in SA

Advantages of traineeships for businesses in SA

Individuals with the relevant skills and experience in real estate tasks are highly sought after by agencies — and traineeships offer businesses the opportunity to grow the next star agent or mortgage broker.

As trainees partner with businesses to understand their required roles and responsibilities with hands-on experience, businesses will be able to equip them with the skills specific to their services. What this means for employers is that at the end of a traineeship, they may be able to take on a potential employee who is qualified, skilled, and has a deep understanding of the business’ work processes.

With both State and Commonwealth Government Incentives, traineeships are also a cost-effective option for finding and developing skilled staff for businesses. Matt shared with us that the Commonwealth government incentives are currently scheduled for review by July 1st, 2024.

Regardless of the commonwealth government incentive, the state government benefits and funding support ensures this will be the best value opportunity for any employee looking to complete the qualification.

How to leverage government funding to invest in SA traineeships

To take advantage of the traineeships in SA, employers need to register their business as an approved host of trainees. This can be done by contacting a registered training organisation like Entry Education which can kick start this process and ensure it is simple and the business is supported. After that step, the business can move forward with signing trainees as an approved trainee host in South Australia.

Enrol in a SA real estate traineeship today with Entry Education

As a highly accredited provider in Australia, Entry Education has a proven track record in offering effective real estate and mortgage broking traineeship courses in SA that are eligible for government funding. If you are looking to get the right training for a successful career in real estate or mortgage broking, enrol with us today!

real estate traineeships SA

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About the Author: Michael Dewar

Michael is the co-founder and co-director of the Entry Group, and has nine years of experience in the real estate industry. Michael is a natural born entrepreneur, and has a keen understanding of the world and the importance of changing with the time. Running Entry Group in his own unique way, Michael has put a focus on the human element of business, focusing on building trust and relatability with clients.

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