There’s more to the real estate industry than most people think.

For a start, there’s an assortment of real estate employment opportunities for smart people with big, or even medium-sized, dreams. If you’re prepared to complete a real estate course and work with people who are making life-changing decisions, then you’ll likely be on your way to success.

The industry attracts all sorts of professionals who work in jobs to support buyers, vendors, landlords, tenants, banks, builders and more. Their success is based on their ability to deliver on or above their clients’ expectations.

Working in this multi-faceted industry can mean you end up working in more than one role across your career. You might begin as a real estate agent and end up working as a mortgage broker. Or, you might start in property management and, down the line, decide you’d rather be a property valuer.

The great thing about real estate is that your experience working in any area of the industry assists you in transitioning smoothly to another.

Let’s look at some real estate employment opportunities that could come your way once you fire up your career.

Use your real estate skills and work for a property developer

Purchasing land on behalf of developers and selling property before, during and after construction can be an exciting new way to work as an independent contractor.

You might be selling off-the-plan, helping buyers select custom-made components of their new home or assisting developers with their plans. However you look at it, you can have the time of your life managing sales for an entire residential or commercial development.

Think about operating your own business and building a reputation as a specialist in this area.

Be a mortgage broker and property loan expert

Some mortgage brokers transition from selling real estate to assisting buyers obtain finance to purchase their property. Helping clients find the right loan to fit their circumstances is rewarding and, if you’re good at it, can be profitable too.

Along with the rest of the booming real estate industry, there’s a big future in this sector too. Back in 2020, mortgage brokers settled 60.1% of residential mortgages in Australia, and this rate has continued to grow. It’s clear that Australians trust their mortgage brokers.

Join a franchise or independent brokerage

If you want a wider range of opportunities than you might get working for a single real estate agency, think about working for a national franchise or an agency with branches across your city or state.

We’ve all seen agencies that list properties in areas beyond their local office, and this multiple listing system opens up an array of real estate employment opportunities. They have access to larger databases of sellers, buyers and tenants, as well as more extensive networks. They’re also likely to have more purchasing power for marketing and advertising.

Although, you shouldn’t discount smaller niche or family-owned agencies because they’re often able to approach client relationships more personally and place greater focus on individual service. If you like working in an intimate personable way, these agencies might be your ideal workplace.

Real estate jobs in AustraliaWork for a government department

You can find real estate employment opportunities in local, state or federal governments.

You might manage land transactions for your state government, or work for your local government and liaise with their solicitor on property-related matters. You could also work in property services and facility management, and look after a council’s land and building leases and licences.

While you may need tertiary qualifications for some of these well-paying jobs, including in property or a related discipline, you’ll also probably find that previous real estate experience is considered a valuable asset.

which real estate job is right for you

Become a buyer’s advocate

If you’re working as a real estate agent and looking for a change of pace, becoming a buyers advocate (also known as buyers agent) might be your answer.

Negotiating, bidding and buying off-market residential and commercial properties on behalf of clients is a job that requires excellent communication skills and a sound knowledge of real estate.

You can work independently as a buyers advocate, or set up shop as a business. Some buyers advocates continue to manage properties for clients after the purchase and, in these cases, they have a property manager onboard to manage the leasing and tenants.

Work as a home inspector

Real estate job opportunities for people who know how to do informed home inspections are a real thing.

Checking for leaks, missing render, cracked plaster and low water pressure are just some of the things to check prior to purchase. But, of course, a good real estate agent knows this already, and this is why they make good home inspectors.

Former agents are also experienced at examining contracts of sale, including section 32s, with a critical eye. If you can conduct vigorous home inspections, so there are no surprises for your client after they complete their home purchase, you could become known as the go-to home inspector.

Note: a home inspector is not a building inspector. Where a construction evaluation is required, you should recommend the client call in a qualified builder.

Become a property valuer

Banks and other money lenders often need a formal evaluation of the value of a property before they’re prepared to loan money for it.

This is an important and serious role, and it can also be an interesting and exciting one.

Many property valuers start out as commercial or residential real estate agents before they become property valuers. To take this step you need to complete a property valuation course.

Do you want to know more?

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