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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for real estate agents

Recognition of prior learning is an acknowledgement by your course provider regarding your competency in the field of real estate. Entry Education values recognition of prior learning as a fundamental part of industry training. We encourage all potential students to look into RPL as a valid means of both gaining industry knowledge and achieving their real estate qualification faster.

What is the real estate agent full licence?

A real estate agent’s licence course is the final qualification required in your applicable state or territory that allows you to sell and manage properties. The requirements for your licence are different in each state and territory, so it is important to check with the relevant body the level of competency required to operate in your state or territory. Entry Education offers several courses across Australia that will qualify you to sell and manage properties in your state or territory.

Real estate licence fast-track

For agents that can demonstrate significant industry experience, Entry Education can use your workplace history to “fast-track” the completion of your chosen course.

This process uses a combination of traditional assessment and RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). RPL enables you to provide examples of workplace documentation that can be aligned to the course requirements and reduce the volume of assessment a new entrant would otherwise be required to complete.

By utilising the RPL option, an agent can reduce the required amount of written assessment and use their experience to accelerate the completion of the qualification.

We are confident this approach will enable you to spend more time listing and selling and less time undertaking learning and assessment tasks where your knowledge is sound.

Have your experience recognised

  • Personal tutor
  • Face to face options
Upon enrolment to the course, students gain access to the RPL document checklist. The checklist provides examples of workplace documentation that can be aligned to course requirements. Documentation provided must be current and authentic evidence of each students’ experience.

The cost to complete the real estate qualification (Fast-track) process varies in each state depending on the qualifications required. Prices start from $1,495 for the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419).

VIC (Licence): $2,995 Diploma of Property – Agency Management (CPP51122) Workshop
NSW (Class 2): $1,495 Certificate IV In Real Estate Practice (CPP41419)
NSW (Class 1): $2,995 Diploma of Property – Agency Management (CPP51122) Workshop
QLD (Licence): $1,495 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419) 
WA (Triennial Licence): $2,995 Diploma of Property –Agency Management (CPP51119) Workshop
SA (Land Agent): $2,500 Diploma of Property –Agency Management (CPP51122)
ACT (Class 1): $2,995 Diploma of Property – Agency Management (CPP51122) Workshop

Government funding

Students eligible for the Skills Checkpoint Older Worker Program will be unable to complete their training via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Students who go through this funding will complete an assisted program with a trainer.

Zak Seccull
Margaret Lomas
Alex Silver

“I found the whole experience pretty comfortable, it was fairly enjoyable. One of the main reasons I chose Entry Education was the support they offer whether it’s virtually or via email. Everyone was quick to get back to me.”

Nathan Micallef – Ray White

Diploma of Property – Agency Management (CPP51119)

“With Cale’s help it actually just blew by, and then Alexandra as well, she was there for my ongoing support. In total probably took me just under two weeks just to smash it all out”

Dylan Charles Thomas

Diploma of Property – Agency Management (CPP51119)

“The process was smooth and seamless. I got lots of help from all of the crew and I highly recommend anyone contemplating taking their business to the next level to talk to the guys from Entry Education”

Lucas Peressini

FPS – Real Estate

What industry leaders say about Entry Education’s real estate courses

Benefits of recognition of prior learning

Achieving an RPL is not an easy task. It will require some hard work on the part of the agent. However, this hard work is invaluable in getting ahead in the real estate industry. There are several benefits of recognition of prior learning, all of which should be considered by soon-to-be agents.

  1. places increased value of learning outside a formal setting. Learning on the job is a necessary way of understanding the industry or field you work in. Performing your role is a great way of learning and understanding key skills that cannot be learned in a textbook. RPL is a way of showing skills and knowledge to an employer that are absorbed outside formal education pathways.
  2. removes repetition of coursework. RPL eliminates the scenario where students are learning content already familiar to them. An effective RPL assessment will clarify the gaps in a student’s knowledge and allow the coursework to be tailored to their needs to achieve competency. RPL assessments will also identify areas where the student needs to improve, making that material the only additional work they will have to complete. Doing this allows agents to re-enter the industry with more solid knowledge.
  3. shortens the time required to achieve certification. Fast-tracking the time it takes to achieve certification is a key benefit of RPL. Shortening the time it takes to be eligible to apply for your licence will mitigate the significant investment of time and money required for the course. RPL is a motivator for students who might otherwise be discouraged by the length required to complete the program.
  4. increased opportunity for other students.Tertiary education is a privilege, not a right, for many. For those who went straight into the workforce, RPL is a fantastic way of achieving credit for learning completed on the job. Qualifications are necessary to achieve higher-paying jobs in many industries and for those who are priced out of getting the education required. RPL allows those without formal education to still receive a boost in their career.

Successful completion of this program will help future proof your position in a competitive marketplace. It will not only provide evidence of the skills and knowledge you have developed over time, but it will also ensure you hold the required licence to enhance your credentials, personal brand and future employment in the industry.

Real estate full licence frequently asked questions

How does Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) work?

Over the course of an interview with our training support team, we will together identify your competencies and find any gaps, so we can personalise a program to meet your needs. We encourage prospective agents to diligently document their skills and experience in a portfolio as evidence of their knowledge. Successfully doing this can ensure the total time it takes to complete your course is shortened, lowering your costs and getting you qualified sooner.

For RPL to be credited, it requires agents to provide current and authentic evidence. Our training support team will provide guidance as to the various types of evidence required to ensure full or partial requirements of each unit of competence are met. Where evidence is not available or suitable, our team will guide you through the required learning and assessment tasks to be completed for successful completion and issuance of the qualification. This process is robust to ensure that whilst we recognise and acknowledge those with skills, experience and knowledge, we don’t compromise the integrity of the qualification and, in turn, the industry by issuing qualifications without the minimum evidence required.

In addition to our online self-paced program, we offer a blended solution that includes specific workshops for both the collation of required evidence and gap training and assessment where substantive evidence is not available. The blended course is popular for those agents that are short on time and wish to make an investment in the required guidance to best preserve their valuable time.

How long will the course be with RPL?

Once the assessment has been made as to how much material has been covered before the course begins, the training support team will make a decision as to how much study needs to be completed further. Depending on how much you have already covered in your experience, your course can be shortened by any number of units.

Recognition of the full qualification is highly unlikely, Entry Education values the compliance with state legislation highly, and always expect at least some gap assessment to be completed by prospective students to achieve their real estate qualification.

What sort of experience is valued to gain RPL?

Relevant industry understanding is the leading contributor to experience-based RPL. Some of the questions you might be asked by our assessor include the following:

  1. what experience do you have in buying and selling properties?
  2. do you have an understanding of property management?
  3. could you provide any evidence of documentation of property management or transactions completed by you?
  4. for how long have you held your registration certificate?
  5. have you been involved in any professional development courses either through current employment or of your own volition?