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We’re a team of real estate experts and consultants, and our real estate courses are the smartest career investment you’ll probably ever make.

We know how busy it can get juggling work and study, and that’s why we’ve streamlined your learning. There are no administrative hold-ups or messy processes. You can enrol and get started on your certificate or licensing course immediately.

Add an easy-to-navigate student portal and the best after-work support around, and you’ll understand why our former clients recommend us to their colleagues.

Our entry level courses have an average completion time of three to five days. No fluff, no fuss and top-level student support.

You’ll wonder how you ever got along without us.

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Ryan Keys

Ryan Keys
Director & Founder (LEA)

Ryan Keys

Michael Dewar
Director & Founder (LEA)


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Quality Queen

Lauren Leader

Licensing Legend

Ava Borowski

Operational Excellence

Ryan Keys

Student Sherpa

Ryan Keys

Career Kickstarter

Molly McKenna

Success Concierge

Ryan Keys

Marketing Monarch

Ryan Keys

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Molly McKenna

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“Thank you so much for making it easy to get my full licence. If anyone else is looking to do their course, I highly recommend Entry Education.”

Tim Noonan

Waller Realty

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