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CPD Real estate Canberra mandatory course – category 3 (8 points)

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If you’re a property agent who holds a (class 1 licence, class 2 licence) real estate licence or a certificate of registration in the ACT, then you must complete the CPD specified for your licence or certificate category each year. Failure to adhere to the requirements of your CPD could result in the cancellation or suspension of your certificate or licence.

Agents can complete their CPD requirements at any point throughout the year, but they must be completed by your renewal date. For certificate holders, this date is the 31st of October each year, and for Licence holders, it is the 30th of June each year.

If you are unsure about your CPD requirements, please contact Access Canberra to find out more. All agents must complete the Category 3 (or mandatory) – 8 points CPD requirements, which involve completing an accredited unit under the CPP Property Services Training Package.

For the 2023/2024 year, Entry Education is offering ACT agents any of the units from the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice CPP41419 (Check units here) to complete to meet their CPD requirements for category 3 (8 points).

The completion of CPD Real Estate Canberra programs is required by Access Canberra as part of maintaining an agent’s licence. In Canberra, to work in the real estate industry requires workers to complete courses of this nature each year.
Agents looking to complete a CPD course with Entry Education must have a working internet connection and an adequate electronic device that will allow them to complete the program.

Should you have any trouble meeting these requirements, please contact us and we will be able to assist you.

There are numerous units that Access Canberra outlines as sufficient for counting towards category three CPD subjects. At least one of their list of units must be completed each year from the CPP07 Real Estate Package. Entry Education is currently offering immediate enrolment into:

  • BSBRKG304 – Maintain business records

Industry leading course

$214150self-paced online course
  • Online course
  • After hours support
  • No due dates. It must be completed by your renewal date
  • Pay it in 4 interest-free instalments You can split your payment over four instalments with Afterpay
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CPD real estate Canberra frequently asked questions

What is CPD?

Continuing professional development ensures workers maintain professional competency and guarantees the integrity of the real estate industry.

CPD is a great way for agents to progress in their careers. The property industry is constantly changing, and by continuing to update your skillset, you are giving yourself the best chance to adapt and thrive. CPD should not be considered a tedious mandatory task to comply with legislation; look at it more as an opportunity to increase your knowledge and increase your learning agility.

CPD topics are broad, relevant and have a practical basis to them. These courses offer a glimpse into the continually evolving industry of real estate and give agents important updates on legal issues.

Not only will CPD courses deal with legislation updates, but many also offer invaluable support for other skills in the industry, such as negotiation and conflict resolution.

The main takeaways from completing a continuing professional development unit are that you will see a sharp increase in self-confidence and also credibility in the real estate industry, both extremely valuable assets in the fast-paced world of property.

Categories in CPD real estate Canberra courses

Three categories within CPD coursework will give points towards its completion. The agent must obtain 12 points of CPD within a 12 month period. This agent must also receive this through a combination of at least two of the three categories as defined by the ACT Government, and one must be from category three.

Category one

Category one CPD courses are self-paced activities with a predetermined learning outcome. These include:

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Forums
  • Online tutorials
  • Work experience

In these sections, the content being learned must be related to the work activities of the agent and have a clear educational outcome. It is important to remember that on the job learning will only be considered if it extends the agent’s skill set. Activities routinely performed under regular employment will not be counted.

Category one is calculated at half a point per hour of activity. A maximum of two points can be claimed under this category.

Category two

In this category, agents participate in activities that don’t require formal assessment but still contain an interactive element. These include:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Conferences

However, the critical difference between these activities to those in category one is that the agent is required to participate or input responses to questions delivered or participate in discussions. The workshops and seminars attended by the agent must be provided by professionals qualified in a relevant field.

Category two points are calculated at the rate of one point every hour of the activity. To be considered part of a category two CPD, the individual delivering the training must be fully certified.

Category three

The final category from which CPD points can be claimed are through units of competency which require a formal assessment. The agent completing the unit must be assessed at the conclusion of the course by a registered training organisation in order for the points to be claimed. These courses must be relevant to the real estate industry and carry recognised qualifications.

All points gained through a category three CPD course are calculated at the rate of eight points per unit of competency.

Keeping records

As part of your CPD Real Estate Canberra program, all licensed agents must keep records of their professional development, including:

  • The date the unit was completed
  • The nature and title of the activity
  • The type of assessment (if applicable)
  • The training that was provided
  • The name of the organisation that delivered the training
  • How many CPD points are claimed from the activity
  • Where the activity took place
  • How long the activity took

What are the important CPD conditions?

In the 12 month period before an agent’s license renewal date, it is a legal requirement that the agent completes 12 points under CPD courses and also maintains a log of other instances considered under continuing professional development.

The agent must present these records to a member of fair trading within 28 days should this information be requested from them. The log must be kept with evidence of CPD for three years.

Any real estate agent that holds a conditional licence to sell land via auction is not required to complete continuing professional development.

Will my points carry over if I earn more than required?

Access Canberra will recognise the work of agents who complete more than 12 CPD points in a year. Surplus points will be carried over until the next period. Only 11 points can be carried forward to the following year, and at least part of the remaining points required for the next year must be completed with a category three unit.

How much do CPD courses cost?

CPD courses vary in content and structure, and as such, pricing varies across various training organisations. At Entry Education, there is a one-time fee for your course. The course is entirely online and entitles you to as much after-hours support as you need in order to sufficiently complete the unit. There is no set due date, but it must be completed to a satisfactory level by the time of your renewal date.

What support will I receive?

Students have unlimited support via the Entry Education portal with a direct message system to the assessment team available to all students. Offering support on weekends and outside of the standard 9am-5pm hours our students are never without help.

Entry Education even remains as your very own personal industry expert, even after you finish our course.

How is the CPD real estate course will be delivered and how long do I have to complete it?

This program is delivered via self paced online learning. Students will have access to all study material, learning resources and assessments within the student portal.

Students have 12 months to complete from their date of registration, but must be completed by your renewal date. If students require an extension this can be arranged, and the cost of an extension is $0.50 a day.

There are no due dates, take your time! Students regularly complete over 3-4 days. (12 months to complete)

Who issues my certificate or statement of attainment?

Entry Education is here to support and manage your learning to help you complete your program. Students will be enrolling and completing their course with Entry Education (RTO. 41529). Upon successful completion, Entry Education will then issue the student with the relevant certificate, statement of attainment and transcript of results.

How long to get my certificate? Students will receive a PDF soft copy within 48 hours following the successful completion of their program.

CPD Real Estate Course in ACT – Class 1 and Class 2

Please Note: At Entry Education we are doing our bit to reduce our impact on the environment. Hard copy certificates are not printed and posted unless requested by the student, a fee will be charged. (All students receive a PDF of their certificate upon completion of a program which is accepted by the government and all agencies)

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