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CPD courses for Class 1 and Class 2 real estate agents

The new CPD year starts from 1st July 2024 and ends 30th June 2025
NSW Fair Trading are yet to announce the specific requirements for this period. To register your interest in our upcoming courses and workshops for this period, simply email and include CPD 2024-2025 in the subject line.

CPD Period 23rd March 2023 to 22nd March 2024 has now ended
Although the deadline has now passed, if you have not met the requirements for this period, it is highly recommended to do so as this would be a favourable step which may demonstrate to NSW Fair Trading your willingness to comply with the conditions of your licence.

You can still enrol in our 2023/2024 10 hour self-paced online course, however, please note that the date you complete this course is the official date that will appear on your Certificate of Completion which will be past the CPD due date and cannot be altered.

Entry Education makes it easier than ever before to further your real estate career, offering comprehensive CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses in real estate that’ll help you maintain your status within the industry. We are an approved CPD provider as required by NSW Fair Trading, offering the compulsory CPD training and a variety of compulsory & elective CPD courses for both class 1 and class 2 licensed agents, as well as assistant agents.

Our CPD courses are designed to increase your knowledge and skills in all things real estate, keeping you updated with the industry’s ever-changing requirements. If you’re a licensed real estate agent in NSW, then you’ll know your CPD requirements need to be regularly updated. All class 1 and class 2 licence and certificate holders must undertake CPD courses in real estate.

We take the guesswork out of these changes, bringing your new CPD learnings right into focus. With the help of our ongoing professional support, you can have this course up and running within minutes.

Study delivery method:

There are two ways to obtain your CPD hours:

  • online webinar course ($499). 4 hours with tutor support. Enrol here
  • online self-paced ($350). 10 hours course with no tutor support. Enrol here

CPD online webinar

$499one time only
  • 4 hour webinar
  • After hours support
  • For Class 1 and Class 2 agents
  • Or pay $350 for 10 hours online self-paced course
  • CPD Compulsory Sales Agents
  • CPD Compulsory Property Managers
  • CPD Compulsory Commercial Agents
  • No due dates, but must complete between 23rd March each year and 22nd March the following year
  • Pay it in 4 interest-free instalments You can split your payment over four instalments with Afterpay

Enrol in a CPD online webinar here:

There are currently no openings available for this course.

Yes we do. We offer CPD course group discounts for 10 or more people. Contact Charlene 0489 943 058 or Veronika: 0489 943 061 to book now.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a mandatory requirement in NSW. Failure to complete your CPD, or not supplying proof of completion to NSW Fair Trading, can result in suspension or cancellation of your real estate licence.

CPD courses are assessed with respect to hours of training, as opposed to points completed. You will need to complete the required units within the CPD year, which runs from 23 March to 22 March the following year.

First things first, completing your CPD is a mandatory requirement in NSW. This is necessary as the real estate landscape changes from year to year.

The completion of a relevant CPD course will keep you updated with changing trends within the real estate industry, allowing you to remain adaptable and knowledgeable.

CPD courses have no formal requirements beyond being a Licence Class 1 or Licence Class 2 real estate agent. These licences are provided by NSW Fair Trading after you’re awarded with a certificate or statement of attainment from a Registered Training Organisation like Entry Education.

Licence Class 1 and 2 real estate agents must complete at least four hours of compulsory CPD topics each year. Due to new regulator guidelines the CPD will be chosen based on the agent’s role.

The CPD course is composed of the following compulsory topics:

Sales agents:

  • Legislative Changes
  • Supervision Requirements
  • Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention
  • Marketing – Price Representations and Underquoting
  • Contracts for Sale

Property managers:

  • Legislative Changes
  • Supervision Requirements
  • Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention
  • Managing Unforeseen Rental Terminations
  • Rental Bonds Management

Commercial agents:

  • Legislative Changes
  • Supervision Requirements
  • Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention
  • Contract for Sale
  • Price Disclosures, Representations and Underquoting

Residential agents (Sales agents and property manager)

  • Legislative Changes – Sales
  • Legislative Changes – Property Management
  • Supervision Requirements
  • Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention
Once you have completed your CPD for the year, you must retain documentation as Fair Trading NSW may request it at any time. Failure to provide this can result in suspension or cancellation of your real estate licence.

CPD ensures you stay up to date with industry changes. It also helps to maintain best practice in your area of real estate.

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Everything you need to know about CPD courses

CPD real estate courses NSW Info on requirements for licence 1, licence 2 and assistant agent registration. We’ll explain what you need to do. Read more
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Compulsory and Elective CPD Courses for Class 1 and Class 2 real estate agents – Continuing Professional Development

Before you enrol in CPD training:

Entry Education makes your CPD courses as straightforward and streamlined as possible to focus on only the most relevant, applicable information. We understand that as a real estate agent, you’re quite busy, and thus we go to extra lengths to minimise fuss.

In order to complete an Entry Education course, you’ll need access to a desktop or laptop computer and reliable internet. Some of our courses are run online with access to an online portal and direct message system that is available to all students. This means you have access to our tutors whenever best suits you.

At Entry Education, after-hours support comes as a guarantee. Work through your CPD at your own pace, if you choose the online option, with a solid support network by your side to assist at any time. The only deadline you have to meet is the end of CPD year set by NSW Fair Trading.

Take the next step in your career with Entry Education’s streamlined CPD real estate courses NSW. Earn real qualifications from industry professionals today!

Frequently asked questions

Is CPD training compulsory?

Yes, as per the NSW Fair Trading Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the CPD requirements in real estate in NSW:

Class 1

Real Estate, Stock and Station or Strata Management licence holders complete at least four hours of CPD each year.

Class 2

Real Estate, Stock and Station or Strata Management licence holders complete at least four hours of CPD each year.

Certificate of registration

  • Assistant real estate agents and assistant stock agents need to complete at least three units from the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice
  • Assistant stock and station agents who are conditioned to stock-related activities only will need to complete three hours of compulsory CPD topics each year

What support does Entry Education provide for CPD Courses?

As an Entry Education student, you have access to unlimited support throughout the duration of your CPD training. With our after-hours tutor support and direct message system, you can access assistance whenever you need it, including weekends. Entry Education works around your schedule, not the other way around. Whether you’re undertaking CPD to work continue working in residential property management, or as your continuing professional development training, we’re with you every step of the way.

How is the CPD Course delivered?

Our Class 1 and Class 2 CPD courses NSW are delivered either as a webinar or in person/classroom. You’ll need a stable internet connection and access to a desktop or laptop computer. If you ever need any assistance with the course, you can use our direct message system to get help from one of our experienced tutors.

The compulsory CPD courses are for those continuing professional development in real estate.

How long do our CPD courses take to complete?

CPD courses with Entry Education are scheduled throughout the year and you can work around your commitments.

The only obligation you must meet is to finish your CPD course within the CPD year. This is from the 23rd of March to the 22nd of March of the following year.

Who will issue my certificate of attainment?

Entry Education will issue all students with their certificates, statements of attainment and transcripts of results as we’re a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 41529).

Students will receive soft copies (PDFs) of their certificate within 48 hours of successfully completing the course. Hard copy certificates can be printed and posted to you for a fee.

Is Entry Education accredited?

Entry Education is an accredited provider of real estate training. Our NSW real estate courses are delivered under our Registered Training Organisation (RTO 41529). We are recognised by all relevant bodies issuing real estate and property management licensing across the country.