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What you need to know

From the date of lodgement the assessor will mark your work between five to seven business days after all completed units are submitted. Should you need this process expedited we offer two additional services:
VIP express completion: Upon completion of all your course units, have your work marked within 1-2 business days. Receiving your qualification the next business day.
VIP student support: Avoid wait times and unlock access to a premium support line as-you-go through your course and get priority marking of each submitted unit within 1-2 business days.

Yes, we offer Afterpay on all our courses. You can pay it in four interest-free instalments.

Not on our accredited courses – Any course that is legally required for entry to an industry does not have a GST charge.

Absolutely Not! We believe in the learning experience at Entry Education and our tutors and assessors will work with you to assist in any areas that you have been deemed “not yet competent”.

Our courses use a variety of assessment methods to give the student a holistic learning experience and prepare them, in a very real way, to be successful in their future careers. Our courses use a combination of multiple choice, short answer, case studies, role-plays/simulations, and mock forms/contracts.

Assessment tasks for all our courses are competency based. This means that the student is either competent or not yet competent. We work with our students to assist and educate to meet the requirements to be deemed competent in a unit. Once a student is deemed competent, the unit is complete.

Entry Education offers Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to students who qualify for this pathway. RPL is a part of our Experienced Agents Program. Click here to find out more about the program and eligibility check out our page or contact our team.

Absolutely! There are no entry requirements (or pre-requisites) to our enrol in our courses.
We would recommend that prior to enrolling you confirm that you meet the individual state requirements to register once you have completed the course.


Due to the flexibility offered with online learning this really is up to the student. It is difficult to assign a number value as each student’s circumstances are different and can impact the time it takes to finish a course.

We don’t believe in deadlines at Entry Education. If you need more time to complete your course, get in contact with our team and they will organise this free of charge.

Yes we do! For NSW CPD we have many options for agents to complete their CPD. This can be from fully self-paced online, virtual on-line workshops or face to face workshops. For agencies wanting to organise CPD for the whole office contact our sales team to discuss package options.

CPD requirements and deadlines vary between each state. The deadline refers to the date which an agent must have completed their annual CPD by to remain compliant and current as an agent.

  • ACT licence holders: CPD must be completed by 30 June.
  • ACT registration holder: CPD must be completed by 31 October.
  • NSW licence or registration holder: CPD must be completed by 22 March.

Real estate laws and regulations are different between each state. As a result, each state has a “regulatory body” that governs the real estate industry, processes, and licences/registrations. This is done to protect the agent and the consumer and ensure that the industry maintains the legal and ethical requirements.
The regulatory body provides information to consumers and agents alike, provide forms and issues licences.

Australian regulatory bodies:

The student portal is where students can access all course content, complete their assessments and once complete certificates will be stored on here. Once you have paid and enrolled in your course you will be prompted to set up your student portal account and get started on your course!

We have a team of assessors on hand to help you achieve your goals. If you’re ever stuck in your real estate or mortgage broking course please don’t struggle on your own. Look for the ‘message assessor button’ in the bottom right of your screen in the student portal, and let us know what’s going on.

One of our assessors will contact you and help you resolve the problem.

If you need help, you can also visit our student support portal here.

You can depend on us.

We sure are!
We’re a Registered Training Organisation that delivers nationally accredited courses across Australia. We’re recognised by all the relevant bodies that issue real estate licences.

You can also find more information by searching for our RTO number – 41529.

Entry Education issues students with transcripts of results, statements of attainments and certificates.

Students receive soft copies (PDFs) of their certificate within 48 hours of successfully completing their course.

This certificate is accepted by the government and all agencies. Hard copy certificates can be printed and posted to you for a fee.

Good news happens!

You become part of our Entry Education training community.

After you enter the required details and selected the preferred payment method, you’ll be given immediate access to your course in the student portal.

Entry Education is here to manage and support your training.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO:41529), we provide you with courses that satisfy the government licensing requirements in your state or territory.

We also provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be successful in the relevant industry.

When you successfully complete your course, we send you the documentation you may need to apply for registration. We do this within 48 hours.

When you enrol in your course, you’ll be asked to enter a voucher code on the first page. Enter this code exactly as it’s given to you.
If you have any problems, please phone our office on 1300 799 447.

At Entry Education we comply with Australian Consumer Legislation.

For further information please see our Privacy policy.

If you’d like to see all our policies, including our refund guidelines, you can download the Student handbook.

Here is our most recent performance assessment by our regulator: ASQA performance assessment 2023.

Administration (or enrolment) fees are not tuition charges and are non-refundable. If a student is eligible they should contact Entry Education within the allocated timeframe to complete the refund process. Should a participant be eligible for a refund it will be paid in accordance with the terms set out in the refund policy:



Course fee is overpaid

Full refund of overpaid amount

Entry Education cancels course

Full refund of fees paid or credit of fees and reallocation to another course

Enrolment application is refused

Full refund of fees paid

The participant is found to be eligible for a fee exemption and provides documented evidence of this

Full refund of difference of fees paid

Withdrawal from course more than 7 days ahead of the scheduled commencement date*

Full refund of fees paid

Withdrawal from course less than 7 days of the scheduled commencement date*

Refund of 90% of fees paid

Withdrawal from course within 3 day cooling off period**

Refund of 90% of fees paid

Withdrawal after 3 day cooling off period

No refund (A Statement of Attainment is issued for completed work)

Withdrawal once a course is commenced

No refund (A Statement of Attainment is issued for completed work)

Dismissal from the course as a result of ongoing and proven plagiarism

No refund

Dismissal from the course as a result of a breach of policies outlined in handbook

No refund

AfterPay payment method. Refund request within
the cooling off period

No refund

NSW CPD 4 Hour Compulsory CPD
Workshops (face-to-face and webinar)
Withdrawal from course less than 7 days of
the scheduled commencement date (Applicable for Face-to-face courses only).

No refund

*Applicable for Face-to-face courses only. Does not apply to on-line delivery.

**The day of signing up to the course is counted as day 1. Days are including weekends.