One of the biggest problems faced by real estate agents is client acquisition — and this is even more daunting when you face it as a new real estate agent. So, how do you get clients as a real estate agent?

In truth, there is no secret to the art of building a robust real estate client base, just a lot of hard work, clever networking, and patience. Starting out as a real estate agent is already a challenge – to help you find your footing in the property market, we’ve put together this guide filled with practical tips on how to get clients as a new real estate agent.

Table of contents

  • 7 actionable tips for getting clients as a real estate agent:
    – reach out to your community
    – leverage on social media
    – join a real estate referral network
    – purchase leads
    – ask for client referrals
    – create a personal agent website
    – make cold calls
    – final thoughts

7 actionable tips for getting clients as a real estate agent

1. Reach out to your community

Building strong connections with your community is the first step to putting yourself and your services out there and getting more real estate clients. Get out there and have meaningful conversations, whether it’s at local business events, charity functions, or social gatherings – you might just stumble upon someone interested in buying, selling, or real estate in general.

In today’s world, people are actively seeking new connections, making it an opportune time for you to engage with your community. By genuinely involving yourself in community activities over time, your name and services will naturally become more familiar with locals.

And when someone in the area is contemplating buying or selling a house, you’ll be front of mind.

2. Leverage on social media

If you’re wondering how to get new clients as a new real estate agent, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not leveraging the influence of social media. No matter what you personally think of it, it has historically proven to be a valuable strategy for attracting clients. It not only enables you to create leads without incurring costs but also provides the opportunity to transform cold leads into clients by fostering authentic connections.

Create a professional image for yourself on major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Don’t be afraid of other platforms like TikTok if you want to expand your reach.

Hot tip: Be sure to make your social media profiles are kept professional. Show off your personality, charm, and competence, without getting over political or showcasing too much of your personal life. If prospective clients are checking out your social media, they want to see that your profiles emanates the same professional service you’ve sold them.

how do you get clients as a real estate agent

3. Join a real estate referral network

Entering a referral network with agents from different states can be a valuable strategy for expanding your reach and connecting with potential buyers beyond your local market. It’s not just about leads; it’s also an opportunity to build relationships with fellow professionals and gain insights into new markets.

In some cases, a reliable referral source may request a fee or commission in exchange for directing customers your way. Keep in mind that in Australia, there are ASIC rules and regulations governing such arrangements, so it’s essential for both you and your referral partner to be aware of and comply with these guidelines.

4. Purchase leads

Although the idea of shelling out money for new real estate leads might seem a bit pricey or daunting, it can actually be the quickest route to showcase your expertise and elevate your business.

Investing in real estate leads is a solid strategy to enhance your business as you explore alternative avenues to attract real estate clients. You can’t wait for clients to appear out of thin air, so it’s a smart move to kickstart some income generation and acquire crucial experience working with clients, especially when you’re a fresh face in the real estate agent scene.

Just remember that developing your own system for nurturing leads and figuring out your preferred client type takes time, and leads are one of the best ways to get that started.

5. Ask for client referrals

Remember – stay connected. In this industry, connections are the foundation of almost every sale. Even if someone may not need your services immediately, there’s a good chance they might in the future. Alternatively, they might know someone who could benefit from your expertise.

Be sure to leverage your past client relationships by seeking referrals; this remains one of the most effective methods for attracting new sellers and qualified buyers. As your network expands, you’ll find that satisfied clients may begin referring their friends and acquaintances to you, creating a positive cycle of growth and referrals.

6. Create a personal agent website

Studies from the National Association of Realtors in the US found that an unsurprising 96% of homebuyers utilise the internet when searching for a home. We can only assume that Australia is following suit.

If you don’t want to miss out on all that market traffic, creating a polished real estate website for yourself is the way to go. By featuring your listings, branding, reviews, and details about your expertise, it not only displays clear proof of your reliability but also provides a convenient avenue for potential clients to connect with you in their real estate journey.

7. Make cold calls

If you’re wondering how to get clients as a real estate agent, don’t sleep on cold calls. We get it – not everyone is a fan of cold calling, but there are times when it proves to be a valuable tool for locating potential leads. Specifically, it can be beneficial for identifying sellers who are attempting to sell their homes independently or expired listings that didn’t attract any offers.

Cold calling is a skill in itself; one that not everyone is competent across. To maximise your chances of success, have a well-prepared script in hand for handling the various questions that sellers may raise — and be ready for a few.

Cold calling operates on the principle of quantity — the more individuals you reach out to, the higher the likelihood of discovering a potential first real estate client. It can be a time-consuming method, but it still remains a viable approach especially when you have little resources to rely on as a new real estate agent.

Final thoughts

As a new real estate agent, you’ve already done the leg work of getting accredited and trained in the industry – all that’s left to do is kickstart your career with new leads and prospects. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of starting a career in the property sector, and trust your instincts and training.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the property market, or thinking of making a career switch, we’re here to help. As the leading real estate educational institute in Australia, our team of industry professionals at Entry Education can offer you real estate training courses and resources to get you equipped with the expert knowledge to launch a successful career as a real estate agent in New South Wales, Victoria, and all other states. to Contact us via a call or browse our courses online to find out how you can get started!
getting clients as a real estate agent

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