Studying online has fast become one of the most popular ways to upskill yourself or gain new accreditations. Gone are the days when you could only get certified in different industries by undertaking face-to-face courses! From real estate training, to health and community, to accounting and administration, online study allows you to study from home (or wherever is convenient!), and complete your course from there.

At Entry Education, we specialise in specifically offering Australian real estate courses online. In some areas in Australia, property prices have soared by almost 30%, so it’s little wonder why so many people want to start their real estate career in such a fast-growing sector.

Although study requirements vary from state to state, you can earn your real estate qualifications in one of three ways, no matter where you are. You can choose to either attend a traditional classroom, or partake in an intensive workshop (either virtually or in person). However, the third and most flexible option to attain your real estate credentials is online courses.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of studying online – both in general, and with Entry Education, so that you are able to make the right call when it comes to how you want to learn.

Table of contents:

  • What courses are available online?
  • Studying online to become a real estate agent
  • The benefits of taking an online course
  • The benefits of studying online with Entry Education
  • Do online courses take longer?
  • Why choose Entry Education?

What courses are available online?

There are a lot of courses that are now available online in Australia. Thanks to the switch to virtual learning during the pandemic, online training has fast become more popular than ever before. In 2024, it’s now possible to study and complete full degrees, diplomas, certificates online!

Here at Entry Education, we offer 100% online courses for those looking to become real estate agents. The qualifications for each state vary, but you can take every course offered at Entry Education online.

Studying online to become a real estate agent

As mentioned – all of our courses are offered online at Entry Education. Whether you’re new to the real estate industry or you’re looking to upskill, we have the trainers and course resources to help you get the right qualifications in your respective state or territory.

You are able to get your Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice which is a licensing fit for both new entrants looking to start their career in real estate and current assistant agents who already have their Certificate of Registration and who would like to obtain their Class 2 real estate licence.

As a licensed Class 2 real estate agent, you’ll be able to work in sales, leasing and residential and commercial property management, as well as a buyer’s agent and business broker. You will not be able to open or run your own real estate agency with this, however. A Class 1 licence is needed for that.

After completing your Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice course, you’ll be able to sell properties, run marketing campaigns, work in property management and more.

You will also be able to complete a Diploma of Property through Entry Education, which will give you the skills needed to become a licensee in charge, real estate agency principal, agency manager, director, or strata management principal.

Real Estate Sales Person Registration, Sales Representative Registration, Unrestricted Real Estate Registration and Assistant Agent Courses are also all available, so you will be able to obtain the correct licenses no matter what state you’re in.

Studying online benefits

The benefits of taking an online course

  • Flexibility

Online courses have many benefits, one of these being that they offer a level of flexibility that in-person classes don’t. This type of learning is often favoured by working professionals, as they are able to take control of their schedule and learning preferences while working this round their existing commitments.

Being able to work online from the comfort of your home gives more freedom to your study sessions. You can take these sessions at your own pace in a way that suits your learning style, which is another major draw.

Whether you prefer to get your course material out of the way quickly, or prefer to savour it and take time to digest things, as an online student you can learn as you want to.

  • Self-paced learning

This takes us on to self-paced learning which we touched on briefly before. Everyone studies in different ways and when you’re learning online, another major benefit is being able to take things at a pace which suits your learning style best.

If you’re a slow and steady wins the race kind of person, you can take things at as leisurely a pace as feels right. Prefer to power through? That’s fine too. You are able to do what works for you by stopping and starting learning as you please.

  • Better time management

While you are able to take an online course at a speed and time that suits you best, you still have to manage your time in order to complete deadlines set by your teachers. Since it is your responsibility when to engage in the course, it will improve your time management overall which is an invaluable skill to take with you into ordinary life.

  • Improve technical skills 

Learning online will have a huge impact on your technical skills. Using new softwares, perform in-depth online research and honing the ability to communicate effectively will get you tech savvy for the working world.

Most companies will use online software at some point in their daily workings, so experience and familiarity with them will be a huge plus to a potential employer.

  • Improve self motivation 

Struggling to psych yourself up to learn online can be tough, but by getting on with it, you are actually assisting in improving your self motivation. By taking your learning into your own hands and deciding how much and when to study, you are building this useful resource.

Figuring out a schedule, setting time for dedicated revision, setting and rewarding goals and organising yourself to get the most out of your learning will help you become a more robust student.

The benefits of studying online with Entry Education

As you can see, studying online has a whole host of benefits. Our self-paced courses allow you to learn on your own terms and let you get your real estate qualification on a timeline that works for you.

These courses are designed to be convenient, you can study when you want, where you want and do as much or as little as you want per day. This means you can work this course around your life and not the other way around. In-person courses often only take a couple of days, but this means having to block out half a week on your calendar, and this is something not everyone is able to do. With online courses, that is not an issue.

While still retaining a high quality of teaching, online courses can also be the cheapest option to help you enter into the world of real estate. You can also get started with them right away, as these courses allow you to start at any time without having to wait on a workshop or classroom schedule.

Online courses take the pressure of learning. Being self-paced, they are a lot less stressful than learning somewhere like a university, college or training centre. There are no strict deadlines so that you can proceed with total peace of mind.

You may be wondering what the support for an online course is like and if you get less help by not being around tutors all day. This isn’t the case at Entry Education. The courses come with after-hours online support from experienced tutors who can answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you achieve your goals. You’ll have access to an online portal and direct message system, too.

Do online courses take longer?

Generally, if you’re completing a course online, it will have a timeline set out to complete and acquire the certifications, depending on the course itself.
The beauty of doing an online course with Entry Education is that you can take as long as you like, so the length of completion varies depending on the time you have available to study. This will also depend on the level of your current skills or knowledge.

There are also courses such as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), which is an acknowledgement by your tutor regarding your competency in the field of real estate. This may help reduce the time it takes to complete.

Other types of learning

There are other ways that you can learn to become a real estate agent with Entry Education. You can either obtain this through an intensive workshop, or in a classroom setting.

Workshops in real estate generally take place over two or three days to complete and are an intense way to get results fast. For some, becoming qualified in just a few days is a huge plus, but this means setting aside a specific number of days for this to work.

However, intensive workshops cost more than self-paced classes, even though they only run for a couple of days. They don’t have as much flexibility, and they can be very hands-on, so in this sense, self-paced classes may work better for many people.

Why choose Entry Education?

Entry Education offers the best real estate courses online to allow you to embark on your career with confidence.

Our experienced team are here to guide you as you embark on this exciting career move. Entry Education offers hassle-free courses that cover everything you need to know without any delays, once you enrol you can get started on your certificate or licensing course immediately. There is a handy student portal and after-work support there for you every step of the way.

So why not call or enquire with us today to get your real estate career off to a flying start? You won’t regret it.
Benefits of online courses

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