Interview: Charlotte Pascoe – CEO of Stockdale & Leggo

The real estate industry evolves fast—that we all know for sure. But the best leaders are flexible enough to adapt and embrace change while building authentic human connections along the way.

That is the story of Charlotte Pascoe, the CEO of Stockdale & Leggo, one of Entry Education’s partners. With a successful career spanning almost two decades, her journey from a young professional to the leader of a prominent real estate agency is nothing short of inspiring.

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Charlotte to talk all things real estate—her responsibilities, leadership style, and the evolution of the industry—offering a glimpse into what makes her and Stockdale & Leggo successful.

From front desk receptionist to CEO

Everyone starts somewhere, and for Charlotte, her foray into the real estate industry was serendipitous. She had tried out various careers when, at 21, she approached her mum for advice. Her mother suggested real estate, and Charlotte was game to give it a go.

This was back before online job listings dominated, so she flicked through the Yellow Pages and reached out to a brand she recognised. Success—Charlotte secured a position as a receptionist. Fast forward to the present day, and Charlotte has progressed through the industry with dedication and passion.

Today, Charlotte’s day-to-day responsibilities as CEO are diverse. “No two days are the same,” she explains. She proactively organises her team, addressing issues and tackling challenges as they arise. For her, it’s all about being prepared for the unexpected and ready to do what it takes to deliver exceptional service and hands-on leadership.

Overcoming leadership challenges

Charlotte thrives in her role as CEO, but that doesn’t mean it was easy from day one. “It doesn’t come with a manual,” she says.

Over the years, her approach has evolved to where it is today—looking at the organisation’s current state and envisioning its future. She starts with a blank slate, unafraid to question existing processes and challenge the status quo. From there, she

rebuilds and reimagines, always ensuring key systems and initiatives contribute to Stockdale & Leggo’s goals. Aligning the company culture with its values is integral to her strategy. Every decision should reflect the company’s principles.

As a leader, Charlotte is approachable, inclusive, and collaborative. She maintains an open-door policy, encouraging open communication across all levels of the organisation.

“I believe that for a true leader, you’ve really got to make sure that your people are at the forefront of every decision you make,” she says.

Charlotte surrounds herself with talented individuals and is always transparent about her own strengths and weaknesses. This honestly helps cultivate a collaborative and empowered work environment where everyone feels comfortable and valued.

Adapting to industry change

In an industry that evolves all the time, Charlotte champions innovation and leans into change. She believes in hiring the smartest people and leveraging technology to stay ahead.

Proptech, or property technology, for example, plays a leading role in Stockdale & Leggo’s daily operations. Charlotte continuously evaluates and tweaks the company’s tech solutions to ensure they tick all the boxes, both meeting organisational needs and keeping up with rapid advancements. Technology should empower staff, simplify processes, and support clients.

Alongside technology, Charolette believes culture is paramount. She stresses that “people are your culture” and works to create an environment where everyone feels safe and motivated.

When she first joined Stockdale & Leggo, the existing culture’s genuine care for its people and familial bond stood out. Since taking over, Charlotte has built on this foundation, fostering a high-performance culture that values collaboration and mutual support.

Secrets to success

With so much experience, Charlotte is an excellent person to turn to for advice on success in the industry. She highlights the importance of authenticity, clear goal-setting, and accountability for franchisees and staff. She believes that a strong culture and clear expectations are vital for success. By uplifting employees and giving them the freedom to excel, Charlotte ensures that the team remains engaged and motivated. Collaboration and inclusivity are central to her approach, as she values diverse perspectives and ideas in decision-making processes.

Performance matters, but upholding a healthy work-life balance is crucial. Charlotte acknowledges the challenge of achieving this balance but emphasises just how critical it is for sustainable success. She maintains a flexible approach and open mind, always listening to her team’s individual needs. For example, she is happy to accommodate staff who need to manage family responsibilities. Less conventional solutions ensure they remain

productive and deliver excellent results without compromising their personal commitments. It’s a win-win.

For Charlotte, success is a common goal and team effort. She is strategic in her hiring approach and looks for complementary skills and shared values when building a team. She values people who excel in areas where she may not be as strong, resulting in a well-rounded and capable team that can overcome any obstacle. Hiring the right people and providing them with opportunities for growth and development is a cornerstone of her leadership philosophy.

Responding to client expectations

Reflecting on her career, Charlotte believes technology and client expectations are the most significant shifts in the industry. Technology has empowered clients with more information than ever before, raising their expectations for immediate responses and personalised service.

Charlotte sees the positive side—it drives innovation and pushes the industry to improve continuously. “I don’t think it’s a negative thing. I think it’s just something that everybody’s had to adapt to, and the people that have really understood that and taken it within their strides, I think they’re the ones that have been successful and will continue to be successful,” she says.

Partnering with Entry Education

Stockdale & Leggo’s partnership with Entry Education reflects Charlotte’s and the organisation’s commitment to professional development and excellence in real estate. Through this collaboration, aspiring real estate professionals gain access to valuable training and educational resources.

We’re excited to watch Charlotte lead Stockdale & Leggo to new heights.

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About the Author: Ryan Keys

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