Considering becoming a real estate agent in NSW? Well, you’re on the right path to making a great career choice – there’s never been a better time to get into the real estate industry.

It’s good news all around in the NSW real estate industry.

For the first time in history, the Australian residential property market has reached a value of $8.1 trillion.

In May 2021, property data company CoreLogic estimated the value of the residential property market to be about ‘four times the size of Australian GDP, and around $1 trillion more than the combined value of the ASX, superannuation and commercial real estate stock combined.’ What’s more, the Sydney market is like no other.

Sounds incredible, right? Want to get involved? Well, you’re in luck, Entry Education is the industry leader in training the next generation of real estate agents. Read on, and we’ll show you how to get a real estate licence in NSW and what this could mean for you.

Here are some of the reasons to do a real estate licence course:

  • Licensed real estate agents are in demand in NSW.
  • The job is interesting, challenging and fast-paced.
  • You reap direct rewards from your hard work.
  • You’re able to build a list of lifelong clients.
  • You’re on the frontline helping people make life-changing decisions.
  • You can branch into other roles such as buyers advocate, valuer or auctioneer.

Let’s also take a look at the latest national lending indicators for housing from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. New figures released in May 2021 show the value of new loan commitments rose 4.9% for housing, 1.9% for owner occupiers, and 13.3% for investors. That’s good news for the real estate industry and anyone looking to learn how to become a real estate agent in NSW.

Why postpone your future when the industry is brimming with opportunities? Learning how to become a real estate agent in NSW and then entering the industry could be the best investment you’ve ever made in yourself and your future.

Is a NSW real estate course for you?

Is buying and selling the great Australian dream everything it’s cracked up to be?

At Entry Education, we love the real estate industry, and we’ll work hard to help you get your footing and jumpstart your career in NSW’s property industry. We prioritise our students’ needs because we know the knowledge and skills we impart today will be invaluable over the years ahead.

Working in real estate isn’t all flash and bubbles. It can be hard work. Sydney real estate agent Gavin Rubinstein, who’s a top-selling residential agent and among an elite few who average 100 house sales a year, knows this all too well. Of the new agents entering the industry each year, he said, there are some who drop out and burn out.

“That’s partly due to the 15-hour work days and seven-day working week for agents who ‘never switch the phone off’,” he told

As well as keeping an eye on their work–life balance, industry stayers incorporate authenticity into their work. For them, success is about building client relationships as well as making sales. When asked for the best career advice he’d ever received, Metropolitan Sales Agent of the Year Michael Clarke said, “People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget the way you make them feel.”

With more than 800,000 square kilometres of beauty and over eight million people to enjoy it, NSW is the land of possibilities. Real estate is a diverse industry that can be professionally and financially rewarding, and the quality of your industry learning – your real estate licence course – is fundamental to your career success. If you’ve been curious as to how to become a real estate agent in Sydney, Entry Education has all the relevant information, skills, and knowledge you’ll need to reach the top of the industry.

Here’s how to become a real estate agent in Sydney, NSW

Good question, and let’s start with the welcome news that there are no prerequisites to study any real estate course in NSW, including Sydney.

Wondering how to get your real estate licence in NSW? Well, in order to work as a real estate agent, you first need to complete the Assistant Agent course in NSW. This is the entry requirement in NSW. Once you’ve completed the course, you apply to Fair Trading NSW for registration.

Sound exciting? We think so, and that’s why our real estate academy at Entry Education is so popular. We help people like you get straight to work on their real estate licence course with no stress, no fuss and tremendous after-hours support.

Table 1: Pathway to becoming a fully licensed real estate agent in NSW

Assistant Agent NSW

(former Certificate of Registration)

Class 2 Licence NSW

Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CP41419)

Class 1 Licence NSW

Diploma of Property (Agency Management) (CPP51122)

  • 12 units of study
  • Qualifies you to work as a real estate principal, strata management principal, agency manager and agency director

Assistant Agent (former Certificate of Registration) course

To complete the Assistant Agent course and be qualified to apply for registration from NSW Fair Trading, you need to successfully complete five core units of study.

The Assistant Agent course allows you to work under a licensed real estate agent in:

  • property sales
  • marketing
  • property management
  • and more.

At Entry Education, you can complete these units at your own pace in your own home. All you need is a computer and internet access. The after-hours support means you have a tutor on hand when you need it most.

Former students have praised the quality of teaching and after-hours support in our real estate courses. We receive regular feedback about the quality of our courses and tutors.

You have 12 months to complete the Assistant Agent’s course from your date of registration. During the course, there are no deadlines, no stress and lots of support from your Entry Education team.

If you love your learning, as we know you will, you’ll want to move up to the level of a real estate agent. Next, we’ll explain how to become a real estate agent and how to get your real estate licence in NSW.

Find out about Assistant Agent course

How to obtain your Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419) – Licence Class 2

The Certificate IV in Real Estate is a Licence Class 2 course. There are 13 units of study in the course, and these can be completed at your own pace. All you need to do is focus on your completion date. The Class 2 Licence qualification enables you to work as a real estate agent in Sydney and NSW. You can sign contracts and sales agreements and work in property management. You cannot, however, run your own real estate agency. To run your own agency, you need to complete the Diploma of Property (Agency Management) CPP51119. Let’s look at how you do that. Find out more about what is a Class 2 licence in NSW.

Find out more about Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419)

How to obtain your Diploma of Property (Agency Management) (CPP51122) – Licence Class 1

When you’re ready to run your own real estate agency, you’ll need to complete your Diploma of Property (CPP51119), which is a Licence Class One course in NSW. This course takes you to the next level. It leads to a qualification Licence Class one that puts you at the wheel, owning and/or running a real estate agency in NSW. To be eligible for this Class One Licence, you’ll need to complete the Diploma of Property course. In addition, you’ll have had 12 months of industry experience as an assistant agent and 24 months of experience as a Class 2 Licence holder. Find out more about how to get a Class 1 licence in NSW or the difference between Class 1 and Class 2 licences in NSW.

Table 2: Two Pathways to the Class 1 Licence NSW

Pathway one

Assistant Agent

(former Certificate of Registration) course

Work 12 months as an Assistant Agent

Class 2 Licence NSW

Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CP41419)

Work 24 months as a Class 2 Real Estate Agent

Class 1 Licence NSW

Diploma of Property (Agency Management) (CPP51122)

Pathway two

Assistant Agent

(former Certificate of Registration) course PLUS
Class 2 Licence NSW

Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CP41419)
Work as an Assistant Agent for 12 months and then as a Class 2 for 24 months

Class 1 Licence NSW

Diploma of Property (Agency Management) (CPP51122)

Table 2 shows two pathways to obtaining a Diploma of Property Class 1 Licence, which allows you to work as a licensed real estate agent and run your own agency.

Pathway two shows the assistant agent continuing their study and commencing Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice at the same time they’re fulfilling the requirement to work for 12 months in the industry.

Pathway two allows you to study for your real estate licence in NSW and fast-track your career. While you study for your Class 2 Licence before completing the 12-month work requirement, you won’t qualify for that Class 2 Licence until you’ve completed both the assistant agent work requirement and the Certificate IV course.

To qualify for a Class One Licence, you must complete the 24-month work requirement as a Class 2 real estate agent and complete the Diploma of Property (Agency Management) course.

Your pathway to a career in real estate is assured with Entry Education. With our real estate courses NSW, you’ll join the ranks of high-performing agents who have integrated the knowledge and skills learned in our courses into a well-informed real estate practice.

Discover the different options you have to complete your real estate course on this article: real estate courses online vs classroom.

Find out more about how to become a real estate agent in Australia here.

Find out more about Diploma of Property – Agency Management (CPP51119)

Entry Education (RTO no: 41529) is an accredited provider of real estate courses.

Real world case study from student in NSW

We worked with a real estate agency in Sydney that was looking to recruit a new industry person. Upon identifying the right candidate, the agency discovered that they had not completed the Assistant Agent course. On the day that they made the offer to the student, the agency forwarded the student’s resume to Entry Education. We were able to promptly enrol the student in an Assistant Agent workshop course, resulting in the completion of their certificate in a short span of three weeks through participation in a one-day online workshop. Both the agency and the student were thrilled with the result, and we delivered the certificate to the student in person along with a bottle of wine to celebrate their achievement.

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