If you’re thinking about starting a career in South Australia’s real estate industry, we’re here to tell you that there’s never been a better time to do so, whether you’re based in Adelaide or elsewhere in SA.

As of 2021, the property market is booming. According to real estate agents Raine & Horne, growth in some parts of the South Australian market is more than 14%.

Raine & Horne principal David Gray told Elite Agent he thought that 500,000 Australian expats who have returned home in the wake of COVID-19 are driving demand for housing.

Andrew Spence, in Adelaide’s InDaily, wrote in June that sales to interstate buyers from Victoria and NSW have more than tripled since the beginning of 2021.

South Australia is a great place to live, and it’s also a terrific place to invest in real estate.

While the established housing market is strong, the building industry is breaking records. South Australia recorded new home construction of $605.4 million in the March quarter of this year.

In the southeastern region of South Australia, house values have climbed even higher than in Adelaide. In places like Kangaroo Island and the Limestone Coast, house values jumped by 14.2%.

In Mt Gambier, Ray White principal Tahlia Gabrielli told realestate.com.au that ‘fierce demand from house hunters relocating to the region and investors were driving both values and sales up’.

This is your sign to become a real estate agent in South Australia. The opportunities for a career in real estate are more attractive every day.

Here are some of the reasons why you should look to get into the South Australian real estate industry:
Licensed real estate agents are in demand in SA.

  • The job is interesting, challenging, and fast-paced.
  • You reap direct rewards from your hard work.
  • You’re able to build a list of lifelong clients.
  • You’re on the frontline helping people make life-changing decisions.
  • You can branch into other roles such as buyers advocate, valuer, or auctioneer.

Continue reading to learn how to become a real estate agent in South Australia with online learning and what this could mean for you both short and long-term.

How do I break into the industry?

Entry Education can impart to you the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to set you on the path to becoming a real estate agent in South Australia. First, let’s look at three different roles within the South Australian real estate industry. You can take a course to be a:

  1. Sales representative
  2. Property manager
  3. Land agent

1. How do you become a real estate sales representative in Adelaide?

In order to register as a sales representative, you’ll need to complete a real estate practice course. Once you’ve done the course, you’ll be able to work in any real estate agency across South Australia. You can work in marketing, sales or even buyer advocacy.

You’ll work under the supervision of an experienced real estate agent, also known as a land agent, and can market, sell and close the deal on residential and commercial property. You can build your own list of clients and get straight into the business of creating your own real estate career.

Your Sales Representative Registration

Before you launch your new real estate career, you need to complete a Sales Representative Registration. This involves 19 units of competency, which you can complete over a 12-month period.

When you’ve done your course, you can apply to Consumer and Business Services in South Australia for your Sales Representative Registration.

Find out more about Sales Representative Registration

2. How do I become a property manager in South Australia?

If you’d like to work in property management to rent and lease residential and commercial property, then South Australia is one of the best places to work.

With the influx of investors from other Australian states purchasing local property to rent, as well as astute South Australian investors, working in property management services is a career in high demand. As a property manager, you’ll work for a registered land agent managing properties on behalf of landlords for their tenants in Adelaide and South Australia.

Your Property Management Certificate – Property Manager Registration (PMR)

To become a registered property manager, you need a Property Management Certificate. There are 13 units of competency in the property management course. You’ll have 12 months to complete the property management units.

Once you’ve done the course, you can apply to Consumer and Business Services to obtain your registration as a property manager.

Sound exciting? In your new job, you’ll be able to list properties, organise inspections, prepare tenancy agreements, and liaise with tradespeople, tenants and landlords. If you’re good at your job, you’ll be in demand.

Enquire about Property Manager Registration (PMR)

3. How do I become a land agent?

A land agent in South Australia is also known as a real estate agent. A land agent can also be an auctioneer as part of the new South Australian registration.

Land agents negotiate to buy and sell residential and commercial property on behalf of their clients. They employ sales representatives to work for them. If you’re ready to manage a real estate agency and run your own real estate business, then this course to get a land agent licence is for you.

Your Land Agent Registration Course

To qualify for your Land Agent Registration, you need to complete a land agent course. People who want to apply for registration as a land agent generally have experience and/or previous qualifications.

While the full land agent course is composed of 36 online learning units of competency, there are several pathways to the qualification – depending on your experience and/or academic credentials. Registered sales representatives or property managers, for example, can complete one of the alternative pathways towards Land Agent Registration.

This course offers an extensive suite of skills that elevate you to the highest level of expertise within the real estate industry in South Australia.

Real estate sales representatives often complete the land agent course, even though they don’t anticipate opening their own agency. They do the course to increase their knowledge and skills. Real estate can be like that. The more you learn, the more curious you become.

Enquire about the Land Agent Course

Are you ready to kickstart your real estate career in Adelaide?

Can you see the stars aligning?

The real estate market is booming in South Australia. You’ve spotted the course you want to do, and you’re excited about getting started.

Now that you know how to become a licensed real estate agent in South Australia, it’s time to get started in your new career. Welcome to the club!

We’re real estate experts

Entry Education is a real estate online training college that’s known for its straightforward, no-fluff approach. Our focus is always on your success. We don’t distract you with endless paperwork or unnecessary administration. We let you get to work on your real estate training course and support you every step of the way.

As one of our recent graduates said: “Great trainers who are always so helpful and assist you by going out of their way.”

Becoming a licensed real estate agent in South Australia has never been easier. All you need to complete your real estate licence course is a computer and reliable internet. You can get started as soon as you enrol for your real estate licence. Through our direct message system in the Entry Education portal, you can seek support whenever you need it – even outside 9–5 office hours.

You can work through your course at your own pace. There are no due dates and no pressure to complete assignments or sit exams. All you have to focus on is your completion date and your new career.

After you complete your course, we’ll have a copy of your certificate of attainment in your hands within 48 hours. That’s how dedicated we are to your success.

Being a successful and popular real estate salesperson, or land agent, is a great career – one that can give back everything you put into it.

How to become real estate agent in SA

At Entry Education, we have all the right knowledge and tools to transform you into a real estate agent in South Australia. As a registered training organisation, we’ll be there with you every step of the way, waiting patiently for your rise to the top. With our real estate courses for South Australia, you’ll join the ranks of high-performing real estate agents who have integrated the knowledge and skills learned in our courses into a well-informed real estate practice. Don’t waste any more time, get started today!

For more information on our South Australian courses, do not hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at Entry Education. If you’re still not sure which course is the most appropriate for the next step in your career, our team can guide you through choosing the right course for you.

Discover the different options you have to complete your real estate course on this article: real estate courses online vs classroom.

Find out more about how to become a real estate agent in Australia here.

Entry Education (RTO no: 41529) is an accredited provider of real estate courses.

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